Thursday, April 25, 2013

Join the Movement...

This year's Blogger Challenge for National Infertility Awareness Week is all about how you can join the movement and break the silence whether it be a little way...ya know...such as a blog entry...or a big way...Change careers, for instance, get a nursing degree, and strive to work in a fertility clinic yourself one day *cough, cough*.  There is so much we can do to break the silence.  So many people suffer, and I mean suffer alone, heartbroken, humiliated and bereaved.  

I cannot emphasize how much infertility is like a thief.  It steals and takes and wipes out entire families. It steals friendships, marriages, dreams, careers, faith and hope.  It tests everything you've got, and if you're going through it alone, it's even tougher.  You have even fewer resources.  You can become so isolated and feel trapped. 

You aren't alone.  You have an entire family of out here who understands the pain you are experiencing.  Who've been told more times than they want to count that, "Maybe, it's just not your time."  They understand what its like to have dreams met with disappointment.  There are husbands and partners that know what it's like to comfort their crying loved ones month after month.

We're ready to lift our chins, speak up, and join the movement.  We're ready to be treated like patients with a disease.  Not like unlucky people "who can always just adopt."  We're ready to be treated.  We're ready to not have our finances hold us back from creating our families via whatever method we choose.  We're ready to have our legislators advocate for tax credits for fertility treatments.  Not just adoption and medical treatment deductions.  We're ready for newer protocols, safer drug regimens, and better outcomes.  

But most of all, we're so ready to be parents.  While we may not have our own child to take care of just yet, we certainly have other people that can relate.  So please, share your story, step up and reach out.  It could make all the difference to someone who is suffering alone. 

Peace, Love, and Roaring,