Fertility Treatment Resume

April - May 2015
Egg donor cycle #2 (1st of 3 in Guarantee Program)

March 2015
ERA cycle - results = Normal  (Who me??? "Normal"?) No personalization of cycle needed.

February 2015
Surgery #2 - cervical fibroid/anomaly shaven down, cervical canal increased for ease of passage for catheters containing embryos.
We picked another donor!!! She's proven!!!

December 2014 - January 2014
Regroup and carry on.

November 2014
Visit Adoption Counselor - Leave horrified and overwhelmed.

October 2014

September 2014
FET (donor egg)  #1 - Negative bHCG

August 2014
Estrogen Patch Priming for FET - had to supplement with Delestrogen

July 2014

May-June 2014
Egg Donor Retrieval - 4 eggs - 2 Blasts on ice
We were lucky we got the 2 blasts, but disappointed with egg count.

April 2014
We picked a first-time donor!!!

January-March 2014
Search for Perfect Egg Donor

December 2013
Decide to use donor eggs

December 2011-November 2013
No fertility treatments, No birth control on and off.  Diagnosed with intersitial cystitis, Experimented with child-free living = increased desire to add more pets.  Results= still want to have children, will accept the fact that they may not be genetically mine.

November 2011
IVF #2 - Positive bHCG, Negative follow-up bHCG.

October 2011
Lupron Priming

September 2011
Rest and recuperate month

August 2011
IVF #1- 24 eggs, 21 fertilize, none to freeze, bHCG negative
Ganirelix Cycle

July 2011

June 2011
IUI Attempt #3- bHCG Negative
Follistim Injectables

May 2011
IUI Attempt #2- bHCG Negative
Increased dosage of Clomid

April 2011
IUI Attempt #1- Aborted/Converted to timed Intercourse, bHCG Negative

March 2011
Sperm Assay for BJ- Learn likelihood of natural conception was a big 0!!!

February 2011
Surgery #1
Chromotubation = Patent tubes
Hysteroscopy = Normal Uterus
Diagnostic Laparoscopy = Mild Endometriosis

January 2011

December 2010
Visit OB/Gyn for "What the Hell?" appointment - suggests surgery.

November 2010
Fertility Monitor - Negative

October 2010
Fertility Monitor - Negative

September 2010
Fertility Monitor - Negative

August 2010
Basal Body Temperature
Ovulation Predictor Kit

July 2010
Basal Body Temperature
Take 2- Negative

June 2010
First try! - Negative

March 2010
Menstrual Cycle restarted spontaneously.

July 2009
Last Depo-Provera shot.

June 2008
We got hitched!


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