Friday, March 29, 2013

Hola Bologna!

How did it go from Christmas to Easter?  How is it almost Easter and I'm still wearing a hoodie and Uggs is an even more pertinent point... Poor Emma Grace has only gone swimming 1.5 times so far.  This is a record low for her two early springs with us.  

Any some goes on.  My family is all still here.  My dad still getting used to life post cardiovascular incident, which hasn't been easy.

I'm ticking the days off in nursing school one at a time, except right now, I'm on spring break (OK, I'm still counting...there are 259 days left until I graduate).  I had no idea how much I would love nursing  I don't think I even have a real preference what kind of patients I work with, so long as I get to work with patients at the end of the day.  I still want to eventually go on for my MSN in Women's Health, and with things going the way they are medically/economically I'll probably do a combo program as an FNP, as well.  It's all about the flexibility these days.  I still have a dream of working for Dr. D. and helping other women who've been through the agony of infertility, we'll just see how the wind blows.

As for BJ and I on that front...we are happily at peace just waiting the nursing school ride out.  It's not quite time to jump back on any supplements, diets, or really anything.  Besides, we still haven't made up our minds about what we are going to do completely, except blood tests for me as far as a multiple miscarriage panel.  I may have that done as my graduation present, haha.  It's been hard and relaxing at the same time, which makes no sense.  There is always the guilt of not trying.  Like maybe you missed your chance of that one good egg, but then there is the simplicity of just not worrying about it.  Of knowing you're going to live to fight another month.  Spending quality time with your dog, husband (ok, more like my textbooks, and patients) and knowing that bigger better things are out there waiting for me.  Of not just believing better things can happen, but knowing that everything is going to be better than had Plan A worked...

Anyway, I'm sorry I've been a nothing blogger, but I promise when I get my life back and have something to blog about other than how much paperwork I have to do, I'll get back on it in T - 259 days!

Peace, Love and Carrying On,

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