Sunday, March 12, 2017

13 mos!!! Plus some...

Oops!  I know, I'm a slacker mother....He's going to be 14 mos in less than a week and I'm just posting 13's been a little hectic for me to say the least.

My toddler is the cutest toddler on the block.  Both of us have spent most of the month congested, but we've managed to stay out of the doc's office. And mostly he's had a pretty good attitude about it.  Occasionally he needs some extra snuggles at night, or maybe I think he needs extra snuggles at night, but we live by the motto he's only little once. 

The amount of things he learns so quickly is just amazing.  He pushes his V-tech cars along a track, he works buttons on things with purpose, he says more words appropriately, he identifies a couple of body parts on himself and other people. He puts my stethoscope in his ears, he is starting to call objects by name...It's amazing what his little baby brain can do. 

He's running now. He still can barely walk in a straight line, but he didn't let not being able to stand still hold him back from walking so why let walking hold you back from running? The sound of pitter-pattering feet with an extra swish of diaper is truly one of my favorite things.  I have a happy child.  I have a full of life, wonder, curious, and happy little boy.  He is the apple of my eye, for sure!

Emma Grace is starting to warm up to the idea.  She now associates paying attention to Matt as something she deserves a reward for doing.  She licked his hand the other day, and then immediately came over to me full of pride at the goodwill she exemplified and fully expected to be showered with the praise and treats she deserved.  She's ridiculous, but we love her.  She cleans up well after Matt eats, too. 

The cats are trying to train him into the realization that he is a lesser being.  He does not deserve the space he takes up in our house according to Gaius and Lucifer who can often be found on/in/on top of all of his things.  Gaius also baits Matt into petting him just so he can scratch him by trying to look all cute and lying on his back.  The boy has to learn...I did, sort of.

Matt has his grandparents wrapped around his fingers.  They absolutely spoil the crap out of the kid on both sides.  They are the best (or worst).  I love it.  He's such a goober, so far he doesn't know how good he has it, but if he ever gets in trouble, all he'll have to do is call 1-800-GRANDPA and someone will sweep into his rescue and convince us that we were entirely wrong.  I love getting to share sweet Matt with his grandparents.  For as much as we hurt throughout our battle with infertility, our parents had to hurt for us, and for the potential loss of becoming grandparents to our children we couldn't have.  It's probably not something many people pay attention to, especially when dealing with their own infertility, but it does lead to some very real and valid feelings for the would-be grandparents.  

Peace, Love, & Gagas
Mary Katherine & Matt

Matt Facts!
Height 30ish inches
Weight 20ish lbs
Teeth:  5...still, just 2 on top and 3 on the bottom...
Clothing Size:  9-12 mos. But we're finally starting to out grow some of the 9 month stuff for length. Not so much the waist...
Favorite comfort item:  I'm actually gonna say it's me...He doesn't need me a lot, but when he's sick or crashed from running in/off of something.
Favorite Food: Bananas!  He'll eat anything you're eating, but he loves to cram 1/3 of a banana in his the point he can't even chew it. Actually, he's in the chipmunk phase where he believes all the food needs to be in his cheeks or he might starve to least for the 3 minutes he's interested in eating.
Favorite Toy:  His "My First Superman" Book.  Not that it's really a toy, but he's very adamant about having it read to him. Who knew how painful cardboard books to the eyeball could be?
Nemesis of the Month:  Baby Gates - he hates them.  He hangs on them like a San Quentin inmate hanging out in the yard. 
Skills:  Running, hugging, stuffing huge chunks of food in his mouth, climbing, giggling, finding noses and belly buttons.
Words:  Baw for ball, Daw for dog, awf for off, ahn for on, Da-da-dee for Daddy. Mahma for Mama. In addition to his old faves like bye-bye.
Favorite thing he does: Wraps arms around my neck...always and forever will be my favorite thing.
Future Career:  Competitive hot dog eater.  

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