Monday, September 3, 2012


Yeah, yeah...that was kinda lame...what-evs, but it kinda describes my life of newly trying to deal with interstitial cystitis (IC...get it?). Like yesterday, my husband volunteered that he thinks I've been going to the bathroom less. I hadn't realized he counted...thanks for noticing, babe!...I think...

I have had improvements from the treatments where I have heparin (blood thinner) and lidocaine injected into my bladder, (it's prolly best if you just don't think about that too hard) but that only lasts for 1-3 days. I even slept through the night for like the first time in my life! [So Mom, mark my baby book you know how many years, 2 mos., 2 weeks and 4 days! WOOT!]

But then I seem to rebound to a day when I have worse than usual issues and get up twice during the night. It's totally my fault, however, b/c I've not been adhering very well to this diet of no acid, gluten or anything that tastes moderately appealing. I need to pull my big girl panties on and commit. And it's not like it's gonna be this way for totally forever. I just need to give it 6-8 weeks to let the drugs take effect, and then I can start eating more acidic foods again in moderation so long as I take antacids before I eat. So c'mon, no big thang, MK!

My big obstacle, however, is that other than raw veggies, pears, and vanilla ice cream, everything that I can eat requires preparation and cooking, myself. Apparently, there are no Gluten/Soy/Acid-free fast food restaurants for me to frequent...UGH.

I have a confession...I HATE cooking. If Pinterest has taught me anything, it is that I absolutely loathe food prep. I'd rather read, watch TV, swim, play fetch, vacuum, change the litter boxes, ANYTHING! I've been told that I'm not a bad cook, on the rare occasion that I actually perform these feats of chemistry, but the act of it annoys me. There are sharp things, hot things, slimy things, and onions and contact lenses are not a good combo either...not to mention I bore easily...

I blame this totally on my mother, and I don't think she'll mind. We're just not a foody family. Supposedly, before I was born she was all into cooking, but since I've been around things got difficult. Not to mention 4:00-8:00 gymnastics practices most days of the week didn't allow a lot of opportunity to teach me to cook.  To this day, my job at Thanksgiving is to fill the water goblets and put lettuce leaves down on the salad plates for my mom's apricot salad.  [Golly, you really do have low expectations of me, Mother...haha]  My mother-in-law constantly tells me her kitchen is too small...I'm beginning to be suspicious. Well, anyway, add to that the fact that my 115lb mother is one of those unfortunate people who can't look at a piece of red meat or cheese without her cholesterol jumping 50 points, and we just never had a lot to work with.

So now that I'm faced with consuming my body weight in baby carrots and blueberries everyday, starvation, or cooking, I'm afraid I'm just gonna have to step out of my box.  I'm going to have to learn to make things like vinegar and mayo-free salad dressings or just eat salads naked...Quinoa and I are just going to have to decide that despite our differences, we can work together. Butter-leaf lettuce is going become my new bread, even though I'm not exactly sure what it even is...

Fortunately, there is at least one other blogger in my predicament over at Can't Eat a Thing.  I've dug around and there is some stuff on Pinterest, and even some of the Paleo recipes seem easy enough to modify, maybe...I mean, I hope plain Greek yogurt can be subbed for mayo in anything...and leaving out half of the spices won't be too big of a deal, right?  If any of my friends have some ideas, I'm open to suggestions...especially quick, easy and a step above plain cooked quinoa if I can afford to be picky :)

I feel badly for anyone who has food allergies, because it really is a pain in the arse.  You hate to be "that kid" who can't have anything at a particular restaurant or depend on "special arrangements" made for you. (Friends, please note, carrots and vanilla ice cream and I'm set...) But then again, if it's gonna make you feel better, aren't you worth it? So anyways, I apologize if I'm difficult, but I gotta take care of my innards.  Who knows, maybe it'll be worth it? And it certainly can't be worse!

Peace, Love and Remembering where all the pieces of your food processor live,

PS. Mom, I finally found a turkey breast.  It's in the freezer. Now what?

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  1. I hate cooking so much that I traded my hubby cooking duty for every other household duty! Cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping...I do it all as long as I don't have to cook!