Sunday, July 27, 2014

Two weeks of torture to commence...

No we aren't waiting for pregnancy test results...we are just waiting to go through all the testing in which they determine if my uterus is healthy enough to carry a pregnancy.  It's about as much fun as it sounds.  This Thursday, they are going to blow my uterus up like a balloon with saline, and next Thursday they are going to pinch off a piece of my endometrium to make it extra tacky for my embryo.

I'm not near as excited/motivated/anxious as I thought I would be.  I'm just resigned and scared.  Not of the testing...they never find anything wrong with me...Just not sure I'm woman enough to brave another failure/negative result.

UGH...I hate infertility...I hate everything that goes with it and, I really hate all this lead up before the biggest let-down of my life.


But what if it's not a let down?  Dare I dream?

Peace, Love, and Someone Needs A Nap...

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