Monday, April 27, 2015

Green Light!

So I'm not real sure why I get excited at this point, but I am.  Here we officially have another chance of achieving a dream, or despairing for a couple of months/forever.  The first couple of weeks is always super easy...take meds, have blood drawn.  I'm usually very successful at this part.  It's the whole implantation part that I've not had much fortune with.

I have no clue how this is going to go...I know things are different.  I know I should have eggs that have successfully morphed into human beings of the cute and tiny variety with a little help from an embryologist and some swimmers.  I also have a pretty durn good-looking embryo left from my first donor attempt.  

Anyway, I put on my brave face and let Dr. Donesky draw my blood.  Apparently the Knoxville campus medical assistant is human and is allowed to take a day off.  I almost offered to try to get it myself, but he told me he had done it once before at the VA...or something like that... It went fine.  I mean it could have been a lot worse...I mean with surgical precision, he finally found that little vein and eventually had enough blood to run some labs. :)

I learned 2 things from my bloodwork.
1. I do not have a teratoma.  I mean for what other reason they would perform a bHCG test on me? I cannot fathom... But nevertheless, I do not have an HCG-producing tumor.  Nor am I pregnant...
2.  My estrogen level is high for me.  It was 88.  The last couple of beginning of cycle levels I've have been on the low side.  My last one was 9 coming off the same type of birth control I was on now. For a reference, after menopause they like to keep you above 40. Anyhow, I've been wondering why it felt like my boobs are on fire for an entire month. I'm guessing that since my estrogen level got pretty high for the ERA cycle, and I immediately started taking my strong birth control pills it has taken this long to fall this far...OR my ovaries did something...but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

My ultrasound went well, too.  My ovaries were being good soldiers and not trying to produce too many follicles.  In fact, even I could tell they were being quiet. No large follicles, no cysts, no teratoma...

I got the greenlight to start taking my delestrogen shots.  No rest for my weary pin cushion of an arse. It's not quite over last cycle. Although my Isaac Mizrahi band-aids do help...And Lucifer...he's always eager for blood...

Peace, Love, and Pretty band-aids!

Mary Katherine

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