Tuesday, October 20, 2015


It seems poignant that Pico has reached viability during the same week we celebrate the beautiful little spirits of those babies who could not stay.  We've come such a long way.  Pico has come such a long way...

This is when we knew we had a chance...and trust me I compared you to every other blastocyst I could find on the internet, but to think this is what you looked like before our dear embryologist and Dr. Donesky gave you back to me, and now I feel your little feet kicking me in the belly...How can anyone not believe in miracles? So much has had to go just right for BJ and I to get where we are today, so how can I not be thankful?

We sorta-kinda got to see our baby's face.  My placenta and Pico's hands wouldn't let us see the whole thing, but what we did see was beautiful.  I'm not saying that your blastocyst picture isn't cute, Pico, it will always be precious to me.  However, your plump lips and cheeks make my heart melt. In three attemtps or so, we finally have a complete anatomy scan that is "normal"!  We saw a stomach bubble and that the face was intact.  We watched Pico stretch out his or her little legs.  We still have no idea what the sex is even though we never looked away...For the record, neither does our sonographer...

I also passed my 1 hour glucose tolerance test with flying colors. So BJ and I immediately went to Waffle House, as is our tradition from our weekly ultrasounds before we graduated and had a celebratory waffle...mine with extra syrup, dammit.

I'm actually starting to get excited to meet Pico not through an ultrasound screen, as if a birth is in our imminent future.  Perhaps this is me finally believing this is going to happen.  I've started to have Braxton-Hicks contractions, but not everyday.  I do have them when I strain to lift something heavy or pull an 84 lb golden doodle on a leash, which makes me think, huh...I may need to start accepting help when offered.  I did purchase a belly support band for work as I start to get a bigger belly.

I also had my first venture with swelling.  I sat all day Saturday while judging a gymnastics meet, and I did not even think about propping my feet up...but lo, by the time I got ready to go home, my Ugg boot was tight around my left shin.  My right foot was a little puffy but it didn't have anything on my left leg.  I wrapped an Ace bandage on my left leg, and it had completely resolved by the time I woke up (in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom).  The next day was shorter, but I wore compression sleeves and put my feet on a chair in front of me, and it wasn't a problem.  It was a bit unsettling to me because really I've not had many symptoms of pregnancy with Pico, so my sense of immunity from these things was dampered a little bit.

So anyway, at 24.5 weeks, I am...

Up to a 14 lb weight gain for a -1, net...I gain and lose this pound every couple of days so far.
Feeling fabulous, Maybe a little tired, but so long as I'm moving and grooving I don't swell, and I'm good to go...compression stockings and sleeves in tow.
Averse to golden-doodles who get in the shower with me.  (I'm baby-sitting my "little brother" that is 1 part doodle and 3 parts Muppet.)
In love with my interactive little Pico who dances to music (or tries to run away...)

Peace, Love, and Cheers to Being Viable, Pico!

Mary Katherine

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