Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Oh, Holy Day

Last Easter, I would never have dared dream that I would be spending the next Easter with my best friends and family as we celebrated the baptism of our precious little boy.  That seemed like such a pipe dream, yet it really happened.  It happened for our son, Matt!

What a perfect day!

It started a little early with Matt getting a little male-bonding in with the God-Pops.  Holding your god-child is simply an offer you can't refuse.

The God Parents

Matt slept through the entire service, baptism and christening, like a little angel.  He got so many compliments.  And everyone kept asking me what I gave him...  I kept thinking I brought the wrong baby!  Who's child is this?  Church seems to be a good place for him...

My two favorite Matt's and my SIL, Kim.  Meeting for the first time!  Baby Matt is still sleeping...

My other SIL, Tanya with Chris and Makayla...As you can see Tanya and Makayla who are attempting to share Matt. :)

Here are the proud grandparents with their beautiful grandchildren.  Not a bad set...and yes, Matt is still sleeping... It's apparently very tiring to get right with the Lord at age 2 months...

It has been such a long-awaited journey to get here.  My father graciously donated this new gospel cover (object he's holding) in honor of Matt's much-anticipated birth and baptism.  I was pretty awe-struck when Daddy first mentioned this.  It will be used every Sunday and holiday for hopefully a very long time.  Matt, your arrival...well, at least to us, was a pretty big deal.  

We've had so much love and support.  It melts my heart all over again to think of all the prayers, love, and kindness we've been shown over the past years to get to this moment.  We are truly blessed beyond measure with a beautiful baby boy.

The pain of infertility reaches far beyond the intended parents.  Everyone of our friends and family wanted and hoped for this day so badly for us.  And it did come, and it is better than I could have ever dreamed.

Matt is pretty smitten with this one...He did finally wake up, though!

The Matts...I look forward to Baby Matt getting to learn from the OG.  There is sooo much to learn! Just ask Kim...

You'd never guess who the focus was on...

So I cannot thank everyone in our family, extended family and friends enough for all their love and support.  We've truly been given an answered prayer.  I am so humbled at all the love and support.  Words will not let me express how truly grateful I am.

Peace, Love, and We Will, with God's Help,

Mary Katherine & Matt

...and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27

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