Monday, April 25, 2016

3 Months - There will be blood.

Wow...we...BJ and I have a 3 month old baby.  He's just a treasure. He's a messy treasure, but he is OURS!!! It's still so much to take in and process that this little, giggling, smiling and cooing nugget is mine.  He might even call ME, Mama...for at least a while before my complete adoration of him drives him away from me.  *SIGH*

Did I mention I love him?

So anyway, the raising Matt saga continues... After no improvement on my second round of Diflucan I went back to a lactation consultant. She immediately said his tongue and lip were way too tight. She went through everything that it would cause, including Matt's pulling off behaviors, screaming at me, gassiness, restive behaviors at the boob...not to mention all my symptoms.  So I decided at nearly 3 months of age it was time to see a local oral surgeon that performs many frenulotomies.  She said that sooner we got it corrected the better.  I read where after 4 months the procedure is almost pointless as far as improvement for breastfeeding, because the babies become pretty set in their feeding habits.  So I made an appointment for the next day.

The next day also happened to be my first night back at work...I worried that I should wait, and I was torn about the doing it done as soon as possible. So with our future in mind, I went ahead with it even though I had some concerns about not being home with him.  When we saw the surgeon he completely agreed and said Matt would experience difficulty with speech as tied as he was and wanted to move forward with both his upper lip and tongue-tie. He explained it would be bloody but that it would stop within 4 minutes and even sooner if he nursed.  They handed me a surgical towel, a couple of 4x4's and tell me in not so many words to get my boob out.  I think the surgeon is just getting his placement when all of the sudden Matt is screaming bloody (literally) murder.  He absolutely could not and would not nurse for almost 10 minutes.  I pulled out a couple of pinky (my pinky)-sized clots.  They left me, but kept checking on us every couple of minutes. Matt was basically inconsolable and I just felt like total serious mom-scum.  When he finally latched, it wasn't any better than usual but I was getting major red-faced side-eye.  After about 20 minutes, the bleeding was down to a very slow ooze and way more drool than blood so I decided to pack his little self up and get him in the car.  The doctor said everything looked normal and really the total amount of blood didn't seem that horrible, but I had no clue how much he swallowed, so I just went with it.

By the time he got home, he was his pretty light-hearted self...even if he looked like a dhampir when he smiled...

He was a trooper.  So I left him with BJ and my mother as back-up support and headed to work that evening. The idea that BJ would do all the baby care but be able to rely on my mother for back-up and not text me so I could focus on work.  I was slightly concerned when by midnight I did not get any texts or a little after 2:00am I am admitting a patient to our floor when my Apple Watch goes off and it's my mother...*SIGH*..."Don't panic, but we are on our way to the emergency room with Matt."

Suffice it to say that after 3 cumulative hours of pressure, Matt was still actively bleeding, and we probably did need to know that he had enough blood left in his pipes.  So pretty much my first shift back ended up as a total bust, but Matt was a little trooper and fell asleep in the ED. So while no major baby milestones crossed...I guess we have the parenting milestone of taking your kid to the ED for the first time covered. *SIGH*

My parents took temporary custody (I'm joking) for 3 days, this past week, so I exclusively pumped and I was feeling pretty good.  But my little muncher in 2 sessions or less had my boobs pretty angry.  Oh, well...We followed up with Dr. Pickett and a lactation consultant today.  He already had a little re-growth on his tongue which Dr. Picket was able to stretch back out.  The lactation consultant was pleased with his latch except for the turned in upper lip.  He's just going to have to grow into it.  He's done great weight-wise, all things considered.  Her advice to me was keep pressure on the back of his head so he doesn't pull off and twist as much, and....use nipple shields - WTH... I'm throwing my hands up in the air with this one and just decided I'll use them when they're sore, but how funny.  I feel like if I'd just used them the whole time I could have saved myself a lot of time, frustration and money....doh! But those plump cheeks are SOOO worth it!

Speaking of milestones...We think Matt has the rolling front-to-back thing down pretty well, but we cannot be for sure.  Our Emma disGrace gets a little jelly and thwarts progress by lying down beside him on the side he's rolling toward.  She is utterly ridiculous...I mean it would be cute if she'd at least pretend to be concerned about him, but nay.  She just wants to make sure we know she can roll front to back, too. [Good job, Emma!] *SIGH*

Matt's spending a little time in his Bumpo...we got the wrong one...the one for 6 month-old babies, apparently.  But he seems to do fine as long as he's entertained.  He's tired of being on his back all the time, so I try to prop him up more.  He's a happy little fellow, we think...though his facial expressions when in public would have you believe he's pretty disgusted. I've told him he's way too young to be this skeptical of everyone.

Matt Facts:

Weight: 13 lbs, 9 oz.
Length:  ??
Favorite food:  Mama's Milk
Favorite Toy:  Drogo the Dragon and Eric the Horse
Favorite Comfort Item:  Wubba-nubs
Future Occupation Prediction:  Going by his judgemental/skeptical facial expressions, we think he's headed toward the seminary at this time.  Father Matt...


It's National Infertility Awareness Week.  If you have 8 friends chances are you know someone dealing with infertility.  Reach out if you know someone and tell them you are there for them.  Hug them, let them tell your what they are going through without offering advice, and be supportive.  In just those little things, you will do more for them than they could ever ask.  Prayers going up for everyone still in this battle.  BJ, Matt and I send all our love, prayers and good vibes.

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