Sunday, August 14, 2016

7 Months of Gooberishness

Um, who stole my infant and replaced it with the cutest hob-goblin, ever? I have a legit crawling, cruising, thieving, jibber-jabbering, incontinent mini-adult. He's cute and he knows it.

So baby-proofing is happening. We may end up looking like Nerf sponsored our house, but everyday, Matt seems to have a new scratch or bump on him. He mostly seems to tolerate it well. He seems to cry out in frustration more than pain. He will fall and get upset, or it will sound like he had a skull crushing bop on his head, enough to make me jump, and just be like "what's the big deal?" I'm so blessed in so many ways, so to have a pretty even keel babester is just beyond what I ever deserved.

His favorite word of the moment is tongue clicking. I'm not sure where he learned Kiswahili, but he's very adept at it. He may be telling us very important things in tongue-clicking, strawberries, and La-la-la's. Although he kinda sounds like he's mocking us when he says it..."Hey, Matthew, how was your day?" "La-la-la click pffffffft." "Oh, really?" "Hee." So basically he's already pretty sure we're full of it.

I'm just unpacking this bowl for you, Mom, no big!

I love this little mischief maker. I'm just so happy this little soul ended up in our care. I'm loving all my moments with him, and I can't wait to see what he does next. 

Our animals are still petrified of this little tyrant. He wants to "love" them so bad, but they panic and run for the hills. Love to Matt is pulling your hair/fur, so I get where they are coming from, but it's still a little exaggerated. We are working on soft hands, but that grasp reflex is still so strong!!!!

We are still primarily breastfeeding and eating purées, except when he steals food out of my hand. 

He still spits out anything solid, and occasionally thicker purées, but ice cream is fine...OMG... I should probably be all upset about this, but as a "more mature parent" I'm like "meh". Plus just getting it away from him to take his shirt off ruptured the eardrums of everyone in a 10 foot radius...I'm gonna be such a bad, mom...*sigh*. 

Whatever...I could be worse. He still hasn't been to prison...yet...

Peace, love, and hobgoblins,

Mary Katherine & Matt

Height (Or lack of):  26" 10th percentile...He shrank...not really...but oops
Weight: 16 lbs. 5 oz  19th percentile..shrimpin' up.
Head: 16 7/8" 23rd-ish percentile...
Fave food: Boob juice, mangos and BANANA!
Fave Hobby:  Crack cocaine. We aren't sure who is supplier is, but when I find them, I will kill them.  Seriously...his favorite hobby is becoming wild man at 10:30 pm.  He laughs, giggles, rolls all over the place until he crashes.  I thought babies slept...
Fave sport: Graeco-Roman diaper changing. I need at least 4 hands to change his diaper...and we never do it on a raised surface anymore. But he is  super good at this sport. As soon as he hears the first Velcro tab, he's off!!! And he always wins points for riding time as he manages to spend more time above your hands. I've gotten pretty good at blind Velcro-ing diaper tabs. 
Fave Book: all the edible ones
Fave Toy: rattles and things that go bang when you whack them!
Fave comfort item: Mama or Dada
Predicted career: demolition specialist

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