Friday, September 23, 2016

8 Months & Killing It!

Matt-moo, the miracle man is 8 months old now.  It is crazy how fast it has gone, and crazy how much more excitement there is to come!  BJ and I are still enamored with everything his little self does.  He seems to be turning into quite a playful little thing.  He seems to think he's 8 months going on 18.  He's pretty sure he should be doing whatever we are doing.  Whether that's drinking wine, eating the remote control, operating an iPad, or studying with a laptop for an online pharmacology  or community banking exam, he will attempt to duplicate your actions. I'm sad his parents are so boring, lol.

Grampa teaching Matt the lyrics to Rocky Top. 
He's had another healthy month.  No shots or exams or anything too exciting.  Well, he did have a 2nd flu shot, and he handled it like a champ.  He was more mad that he was being held down than anything.

His Grammy did say, that he's the worst diaper-change of all the babies she has ever cared for (which has been a few more than just Brother Matt and myself).  It truly is a wrestling match.  You put him on his back and he gets a message to turn over and crawl away, NOW.  He doesn't care if his full of poo diaper is halfway hanging off, he must exit the situation immediately.  We try laying toys, diapers, wipes, oversized coffee table books that weigh more than him (I'm kidding!) on his chest to distract him, and this has approximately a 17% success rate.  Mostly, I change his diapers with him standing as if he's about to get frisked and moderate success.

He is cruising pretty successfully now.  I hope he doesn't walk too soon, although, I don't really know what difference it will make as he's already into EVERYTHING.  He has turbo crawl speed which I can hear him go into anywhere in our house. His little palms go slap-slap-slap against the hardwood.  The cats are not very excited about his new-found speed.  But it's also amazing because he'll be at your feet. You'll look at the TV b/c Brangelina divorce news and all the sudden he's in the kitchen with both hands in Emma's water bowl, which happens to be one of his favorite past times.  Oh, and he's not picky...he'll happily stick his hands in your drinks, too.  So basically he's a beverage ruining Ninja.  As I'm typing this, he's figured out how to stand up and scoot his Sit to Stand walker thing...I don't think he's going to be like his Mama and not walk until he's 15 months old.  You're welcome, Grampa. (My dad is still embarrassed for me because of how old I was when I started walking.)

Matt's other favorite activities include toe-sucking, chit-chatting, and yoga...Well downward dog position while making strawberry noises...

Matt Facts
Height:  2'3" give or take. He won't be measured again until his 9 month appointment
Weight:  Just under 17 lbs according to our scale. So about 14th percentile.
Toofers:  0 and holding
Fave Food:  Boob juice, Bananas, Arrowroot cookies, and She-Crab soup (I know...BAD MOM)
Fave Toy: The one in his hands.  He's pretty sweet about it, actually. Ok so sometimes it's the one in your hands...even though he has another one...
Fave Comfort Item:  Mama and Dada - Wubbanubs are kinda out at the moment.
Sounds: Mama, Dada, Bah-bah, la-la, nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh, ha, blub-blub, Ah, Deeb-ah-deeb. 
They don't have meaning to us, yet, but the nuh-nuh-nuh is his fussing word. So he associates meaning to some I think. 
Mad Baby Skills: Cruising, Speed Crawling, Climbing stairs, Pincher grasp, splashing, 
Future Career:  Yogi - Maybe a comedic one. 

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