Sunday, September 11, 2011

Getting back on the horse...

So today I filled my first prescription for the next cycle.  I can't help but be a little bit excited.  Partly, it's the first prescription to help with conception that I've gotten since I started this process that actually only cost me $5.00 with my insurance. It's the little things...

Tomorrow, I take my first dose of bromocriptine which is usually used to treat Parkinson's disease and hyperprolactinemia. Neither of which I have.  As with most fertility drugs, along come bizarre side effects.  With bromocriptine, it's simply dizziness and fainting.  In fact, I quote the paperwork the drug comes with, "You should immediately lay down after taking the first dose of this medication."  Sounds like fun...BRING IT ON!

So, while I am taking bromocriptine, this is still pretty much a resting cycle.  BJ and I are free to "try naturally".  BJ is happy as making love with a specimen cup is still not his preference.  Me?  I'm on board...crazier things have happened!  As painful as failed fertility treatment cycles are, the pain is dulled by focusing on the hope of another chance.  I guess it's similar to childbirth.  Your pain subsides and you go for it again.

Anyway, even though I'm "resting", it's still a pretty complicated day of supplements/medications.  I wake up and take a spoonful of royal jelly on an empty stomach.  I get ready for work.  On my way to work I drink a bottle of water with my co-enzyme Q10 supplement and Juice+.  I make oatmeal with flax seed at work to make sure the royal jelly has plenty of time to absorb before I have food in my stomach.  I take the L-Carnitine with my oatmeal.  About an hour and half to two hours later I take my prenatal vitamin with a bottle of water because it's supposed to be taken between meals.  I take my second dose of L-Carnitine and Juice+ with dinner. A few hours later, at bedtime, I will take another spoonful of royal jelly and my bromocriptine. All of which is approved or prescribed by Dr. D.

Let's not forget yoga, acupuncture, Mayan abdominal massages, regular exercise, counseling, and support group meetings.  So yeah, I'm "resting"...fertility is the furthest thing from my mind. [I crack myself up.]  Oh, and I still work full time.  (Yes, boss, I really do!)

So, yeah, I'm back in the saddle of the crazy infertility horse. I feel comfortable here, though.  Maybe not uber-confident, but I don't need to be because Dr. D is.  I am feeling good enough, and this tells me we've made the right decision for us.

Peace, Love, and a little Craziness,

~Pround to be here on Patriot's Day.~


  1. Soooo many positive thoughts being sent your way! xoxo!

  2. sending you lots of love and prayers! <3 Amy (PS, I always read but rarely comment because I am usually reading from my phone and can't see the image capture thing to allow me to post a comment. I am ALWAYS thinking of and praying for you. DAILY, lady.)