Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Every Sperm is Sacred...

So I'm playing lab tech, which I guess is a great experience since I would LOVE to work in a fertility clinic one day, but still...ew!

Droppers, test tubes, specimen cups and dry ice...this is supposed to be my day off, LOL...oh, and not to mention the stars of the show...

So this is BJ's fancy high dollar test, and next week will be mine if all the stars align. I will be taking progesterone starting tonight, just as I would for an embryo transfer, but I still take the delestrogen every 3rd day, too.  So that means up to 3 intramuscular shots in one day!  YEAH! I splurged and got the fancy designer Band-Aids that come in a black box...Nothing but the best for my ass... But's it's a good test run before May, hopefully, when we try our first possibly fresh cycle in 3 years.  

So all of this in the hopes that we will one day conceive our synthetic child... Really Dolce & Gabbana?  No, it's fine...I mean, your clothes are too runway and synthetic for real life, and I'll never buy Light Blue, again, so there you are.  Honestly, if you think IVF children are less loved and less appreciated because they were begotten by science, then there is just no hope for you.  Go crawl back to your cave... And if you want to adopt, that is amazing. Adoption is a wonderful option, it's just not for everyone or right for everyone at certain points in their lives.  

Well, I'm reaching hormone exhaustion levels. I went from 9 to 1007 in 10 days, but my lining only got to 8.2 which is kinda slim. Our goal is always 10. We shall see what happens in the next few days.

Peace, love, and ew!

Mary Katherine

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