Sunday, February 21, 2016

5 Weeks!

Well 5 weeks and a couple of days...

Matt is pretty darn amazing.  He's starting to get interested in BJ and I.  It's so incredible to watch.  He's seriously the most darling thing.  I'm still so enamored with him.

I'm starting to understand and accept that a crying baby does not mean I'm doing a terrible job.  He's done a lot better.  I think I spent too much time trying to coax him to sleep instead of just feeding him.  But this week, he's already starting to sleep better and entertain himself a wee bit more.  You can tell he can see stuff a little better and is watching his mobile and looking around more. He even "reaches" for his rattle...we think...well, we are going with that.

He might be getting a wee bit clingy, but I don't mind.  I've waited for too long to have a baby to be upset that he wants me back.  So while I'm not initiating the attachment parenting, Matt sure is, and that is fine by me.  We'll figure out how to get stuff done.  Thank goodness for my Ergo!

(Just ignore my "night nurse" in the background. ;) ) 

A few days into iron supplements and I'm feeing a lot better. I can walk up and down the steps without dizziness, and I don't feel bone-achingly tired anymore. Anemia was not an issue during my pregnancy so it was not on my radar afterwards...well, nothing but Matt has been, to be honest. So it was quite a relief to know I could feel a little better with some iron pills. I would have totally thought it was just the not sleeping through the night/new parent exhaustion.  

I also finished my larger project of the quarter and that's a huge relief. So now I can "sleep when baby sleeps" theory, anyway. I have mastered the breastfeeding while typing method of getting through grad school stuff. Remind me not to be in graduate school when and if we are able to have another one.

BJ is back at work full time now. It was a little scary for me because he's been such a huge support and help. He's a brilliant dad, that one is. I hope I'm as good of a mother as he is a father! Anyway, Matt and I have survived! It's not too bad, either. Lots of snuggle time.

Peace, Love, and Continuing to be In Awe!

Mary Katherine

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