Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why Hysterical?

Well, if you are an uber-dork like me and took classes in the "the classics", you might remember that the Greek word for uterus is Hystera. Hence why they call removal of the uterus a hysterectomy. The term hysteria was coined to describe emotionally unstable women. Wikipedia actually has a pretty good article on that if you're really interested at:

So, between my bum uterus and the emotional trauma of infertility, hysterical seems to be a pretty apt description. I try to find the humor in things as a way to cope, so hopefully I'll also use the other definition of hysterical, too.

Infertility sucks! I wouldn't wish it on my enemy. On the flip side, my husband, BJ and I have grown so much closer. We are definitely getting the "for worse" part of our vows out of the way early in our three year, thus far, marriage. Also, my family continues to surround us and support us since we've opened up about it to them.

A lot of people assume that infertility is a female problem. Well, we all know that assuming makes an @$$ out of you and me. Actually 1/3 of infertility is due to female factors, 1/3 due to male factors, and then the last lucky 33.33% belongs to couples where both partners have issues. Well, that would be where BJ and I land. I was diagnosed with mild endometriosis during my surgery I had back in February of this year. Our reproductive endocrinologist (henceforth to be known as RE) also suspects I have annovulatory cycles which means I don't ovulate, and that I have a progesterone deficiency. BJ has plenty of sperm, they move just fine, but their heads are too round. The official name would be abnormal morphology. His poor sperm just can't penetrate my eggs even though they may be getting right up to it, that is if I actually ovulated that month...So you see this isn't something we can "just relax" or "just give it time" which are the phrases we often hear that leave us feeling so helpless.

Well, I have made it to the beach, so I'm going to sign off and enjoy the storm that just rolled in. I'll add pictures and attempt to jazz this blog up when we get back home in a week.



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