Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Baby has a Brain!!!

At our last appointment, we started talking about prenatal screening.  So the further the time from seeing my squiggly little Pico, the more I worried. I started obsessing over every possible thing that could go wrong, especially anencephaly.  I cognitively understood that my baby was moving, which requires a cerebral cortex, but the anxious infertile in me could not accept that.  

Today, we saw both hemispheres!  Pico had his/her first and hopefully only brain scan! The US took a little longer, because we have "an active little kid" according to Dr. Donesky.  It melts my heart.  I hope it's an indication of a feisty little boy or girl.  I didn't want to have children to have baby dolls. 

We could see thumbs, a nose, ears.  On the 2D side we could see little feet.  Pico measured a little shorter, but was staying pretty balled up...again not cooperating.  We also couldn't see feet or toes on the 3D side because he or she wanted to be all in the placenta.  The heart rate is still strong at 162. 

So we talked about graduating to an OB...WHAT?!! I'm not ready.  I'm still having difficulty accepting that all this is for real?  Like really, actually, for reals happening to me? 

So much to for my infertile pea brain to process!  

So at 10.1 weeks, I am

Down 12 lbs... I have no idea...I've eaten every carbohydrate in sight for the last 2 weeks...
Feeling...Ugh.  Well, I got my first migraine while pregnant a few days ago, and because I could only take tyelenol...which might as well have been a tic-tac, I got to suffer that, and this just indigestive nastiness.  I'm not able to eat much until the evening, but then I'm starving, and I eat too much and then the cycle continues. You'd think as a health professional I could remedy this situation, but I'm *SO HUNGRY (*better if read in Chris Farley voice) at 6:00pm...
Averse to Progresso...I'm glad more people don't read this blog...I'd get a cease and desist letter from Progresso...
In love with my pets.  Even though they are being totally weird, they are sweet.  Emma Grace my golden seems clingier, my cats seem snugglier, Gaius all the time wants to stand on my sore boobs, or tries to hatch Pico by sitting on my abdomen.  Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to having Pico on the outside one day with his big brothers and sister.  So much fun to be had!

Peace, Love, and Cerebral Cortices,
Mary Katherine

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