Monday, July 20, 2015

Vacation, Doodles and Dogs, and Pico...

So we went on vacation last week, hence no update as I had no appointment to blog about.

Vacation was wonderful!  We got to take our puppies this year, so our first-born daughter Emma Grace went with us and just was a blast to have around.  We lucked out and got a great dog with her.

Then there is the newest addition to my little brother, a golden doodle named Marvin.  He's only 18 months old, he looks and acts like a muppet, and is dumb enough to let me do whatever I want to him...

So anyway, Marvin loves any type of ball. His 2nd love in life is fishing.  He's so obsessed with fishing that he manipulated my husband who doesn't own a fishing pole into getting a fishing license so he can fish when he's out on the houseboat with bad/old/corroded poles... He will literally watch your line for hours. His most frequent fishing partners, "Uncle Dennis and Aunt Sandy" even think he can tell when you've got a bite before you feel a tug.  He barks when you have a fish, and then tries to bite the fish when it's on the dock.

Now that you've got some background here's a fun Doodle story...

So at the beach, our beach house neighbors were fishing.  They caught a 3.5 foot, juvenile black tip shark.  Marvin was super excited.  They worked to get if off the line and back into the surf so it could swim to freedom, but Marvin wouldn't stand for that.  So Marvin yanked away from Mom and herded the shark into the rocky groin and proceeded to bite the shark on the head...The poor shark who was probably still hypoxic got even more confused and tried to head back to land.  The 10ish year-old boy who had been fishing all week, too, just shook his head from side to side sighing, "Marvin." Emma sat on the beach beside the crowd of people pretty much thinking the same thing.  Finally, one of our neighbors pulled Marvin off the shark, and after a couple more confused minutes, he made his way out of the Great White Doodle's turf.

So my point is...Take your dog to the beach with you!! It's loads of fun!!! They may even attack a shark!
Here they are unscathed, after the shark attack...or rather, the attack on the shark. 
So this is how I distracted myself from not knowing what was going on with Pico for almost 2 weeks. Come this morning, I was in full panic attack mode complete with chest pain because I knew Pico was gone.  Why?  I don't symptoms are fading, so I think I read somewhere that could be a sign of a missed miscarriage. Twelve-ish week ultrasounds seems to be the most frequent time to find out your baby died according to the miscarriage stories I have been told.  Also, this was my first solo visit to the fertility clinic since we got the wonderful news, meaning I was sure if anything was going to happen, it would be this week with no one there to tell me it would be okay, again.  

Literally, I have to constantly remind myself of this.  But sometimes, you learn your children are stronger than you.  Sometimes, you learn that way earlier than you imagined you would.  Pico doesn't know Mama panics when she's having pressure or cramps.  Pico doesn't give up because Mama was a couple hours later than normal taking her afternoon dose of progesterone. Thankfully, Pico is one of those children that is far superior than his/her Mama...  Pico was there, squirming, with a heartbeat of 168. Twenty fingers and toes, a nice large cranium, and that's about all he or she'd let us see. Still bashful and enjoying hiding in the placenta. I was elated.  It was as good as that very first ultrasound.  Pico even measured a day ahead at 11.6 even though we're at 11.5. (I know, right?!).  We have a professional basketball player on our hands...Or at least, maybe a child that will breach 64 inches one day, possibly...*DREAM TALL*

Apparently all that she-crab soup I ate was good for the baby.  I think this is the most I've eaten in 11 weeks.  I was a total fat kid.  I didn't even have the heart to weigh myself this morning because I didn't want to see the damage..I did later, and I gained 3 lbs,..Oh well, I'm still down 9.

So anyway at 11.5 weeks, I am

Down 9 lbs
Craving - nothing, but I bought pickles, yogurt-covered raisins, and bomb pops at the grocery store. Not my usual grocery store staples.   
Averse to Progresso Soup...So, so very averse...
Feeling- My boobs still ache, but that's about it.
Favorite thing...STILL BEING PREGNANT!!!

Peace, Love, and She-Crab Soup,

Mary Katherine

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