Monday, November 23, 2015

29.6...It's MY turn!

This week has been full of wonderment at the whole pregnancy situation.  I love watching little Pico squirm around inside my belly.  All the apps and pregnancy books told me the movement would be "less violent" from this point forward.  I'm not sure what violent was, because it's the last word I would use to describe a baby moving in my tummy. I love it! If anything it's getting stronger and going on for longer periods of time.  I also still grin like an idiot and giggle.

We had our breastfeeding class last Monday, and it was good.  I feel like I had the only "Newborn" sized hard plastic doll and everyone else had a premie sized doll.  So I learned that I'm not tall enough or long waisted enough to feed a baby with rigor mortis...I mean...who doesn't need to know that? We did get a lot of useful tips.  It was a 3 hour class and about an hour into it I had this sudden realization that I was learning this for me and my baby, and boy did the tears start to well up in my eyes.  Being a nurse in women's health, I often read, listen to lectures, or take classes on how to care for other women, and I guess that was my original mindset when I first went into the class. So when it hit me that I was doing this for ME, I got a little overwhelmed with bliss.

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in the class that cried...but if the other women only had a clue...I mean, honestly, unless you've fought this battle with infertility, it is so easy to take things like getting to attend a breastfeeding class for granted.  I'm seriously just so thrilled with everything that's happening...

As things get slightly achier and it does get more difficult to move, I hope I continue to relish this experience that was so far from being guaranteed for me.  I'm just so blessed that this little embryo has turned into this viable almost 30 week fetus.

So other than being slightly more emotional maybe...and feeling like my tummy is growing inches overnight, I'm doing swell.

At our not quite 30 week appointment yesterday, Pico and I checked out just fine.  I met with the nurse practitioner/lactation consultant.  She answered some questions and will be a great resource to have since she was a floor nurse while breastfeeding like I will be.  We also ordered my pump through my insurance, so that feels pretty legit!

Pico is doing well. Squirming ALL of the time.  Seriously, I thought babies were supposed to sleep a lot.  I've already warned Pico, that there better be more sleeping when ze magically apparates to the outside world.

I can't believe how fast time is flying.  The due date is down to 73 days away, which I'm sure is going to come and go well before Pico.  I'm hoping to have this child on the outside before Valentine's Day, but I have NO belief that I will deliver on or before my due date. To the point, I'm pretty sure I signed up to work the night before, lol.  That's just crazy talk....We've waited 5.5 years at this point... a few days more is pretty much guaranteed...

At 29.6 weeks I am...

...Up to +6 lbs...somehow I managed to gain 4 lbs in 10 days.  My scale at home is up 1.5 lbs but I weighed myself after sleeping and peeing off and on for 6 I'm hoping some of that was water weight and clothing and the doctor's office.  I've had my mini-shit fit already, and now I'm over it...kinda...
...Feeling pretty good.  The round ligament pain is back, and if I straighten up too fast from a curled up position I'm pretty sure I sprain my uterus, but overall I have very little to complain about. I'm sleeping I guess I'm more tired. But it's also winter and I tend to hibernate until the sun comes back out in late March...
...Averse to Panera Bread Company...You know what you did.
...Craving...mmm, nothing I have to have...I want watermelon, because this is the perfect season for it and all, right?!
...In love with the idea that this will be the least miserable set of holidays I've had in a very long time.  I was not thankful at all last year.  Not one bit.  I was very sad, bitter, and not apologetic for it.  I remember that feeling very well, and I hope I never lose what that anguish feels like, because it is making this year ever so much more rewarding. I hope those of you that read my blog that are still struggling understand how much I appreciate every bit of this pregnancy.  I continually pray that this is your month, your turn, your admittance into bliss.

Peace, Love, and Feeling Very Grateful,

Mary Katherine

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  1. Oh lady, all of your posts make me so happy. xoxoxox