Monday, December 28, 2015

34.5...The rubber is hitting the road!

BJ and I worked, tried and cried for years for this pregnancy, so to say I feel pressured to be pretty stoic is an understatement. I have been blessed with a truly easy pregnancy.

I never had morning sickness.  My indigestion is totally survivable. I never needed anything beyond Maalox or Tums. I've been beyond blessed and probably gotten better than I deserve.

That being said this past week has definitely been the most uncomfortable, and I guess it's about time.  Nothing major, I just couldn't find a comfortable position that I could both breath and sleep in so I felt like I did neither more nights/days than most. What is funny is I came to visit my parents' house for Christmas, left to work for a couple of nights and came back, and my mom was like, "You've droppsed."  I think I have... I could breathe again, and I started getting that round ligament stretching pain again around the inside of my hips.  So anyway, the whole not breathing/sleeping thing went away in a few days. I can eat a little more, too! I would not have thought that the baby's position would have made that big of difference, especially since I don't have the longest torso in the world to begin with.

The only weird thing in addition to the dropping was some random nerve pain along the inside of my right hip bone. I guess baby was laying on a nerve, but anytime I twisted to the right or bent over, I couldn't stand back least not right hurt so bad all I could do was laugh and walk around like someone's back who went out until it eased up in 5-10 minutes.  It seems to have eased up, so maybe that was just part of the "dropping" phase.

Regardless, I think I'm finally starting to feel "really pregnant".  As uncomfortable as it can be, I'm just so thankful to be here, to be healthy, and to be carrying my healthy miracle baby.  I could not be more blessed.

Next week I start classes again, but they are much more interesting, so that helps a lot.  I enjoyed one of my textbooks so much I actually read 20 extra pages (NERD ALERT...who does that?)  BJ has his follow-up this week, but has been doing amazing.  He's really been a trooper.  I have my "36" week appointment with Dr. Bullen early next week, and then move to weekly appointments...YIKES!!! We are really that close!

Christmas has been wonderful. I got tons of stuff for Pico and myself post-partum.  I'm torn, though.  I've really enjoyed having the opportunity to carry this baby, but I'm also super-excited about meeting zym on the outside.  I still don't think about the actual delivery too much.  I just kind of figure it will happen one way or the other...I just hope later rather than sooner.  I'll be super happy to make it to Wednesday after next when I can deliver with Dr. Bullen, though, and be completely out of the needing to be near a NICU category!

So at 34.5 weeks I am...

...unsure about my weight because I have been out of town so much...and I'm fine with that!
...feeling sleepy, sore, and having several contractions during the day, but wouldn't change a thing!
...craving carbohydrates.  I try to eat some vegetables and proteins, but if I am honest, all I want is crackers...and maybe some cheese...
...averse to insomnia, unfortunately, it's not so averse to me... love with watching my belly move around as Pico moves.  Ze is getting so strong, and I am so proud and in love with this little creature that goes bump in the night!

Peace, Love, and Counting Blessings,

Mary Katherine Roberts

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