Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day 3 Report

So as I've warned myself several times...big numbers...higher the fall-out...

And usually at this point, I'm down to 3-4-5 embryos, and those have fragmentation...It's dwindling odds for me.

I sure as heck was not expecting to have the majority make it to the ideal 8-cell embyro, a chunk, my dream was to have 10-15 between the acceptable 6-cell to the ideal 8-cell stage at this point.

So when I got the text, my stomach dropped, my knees quivered, my heart raced.  I closed the text app, and opened it again to make sure I wasn't imagining things.

I have 27 8-cell embryos.

I know...I nearly passed out.  My embryologist said she thinks we'll have a hard time picking out the front-runner for the transfer...

What a glorious problem to have!!!

We know more will arrest by Monday, and a few have some fragmentation, but it's less than 10% in them, so it's not significant to cause demise.  I love them.  I was initially having a harder time getting attached than I normally do.  I think more of that is fear than anything after experiencing so many disappointments.

But now, I truly and deeply love them in the sense that one (or more) could be my living, breathing child.

Peace, Love, and Mitosis,

Mary Katherine

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