Monday, May 18, 2015

That Was Easy!

Well, it's done and over!

After a rough weekend of not being able to sleep and working, I got to have the best massage of my life. Pretty sure there is drool on the carpet while I was face down in the cradle thing.  I have not been so blissed out in my life.  She used hot stones on my hips and lower back, which are so irritated and sore from all those IM shots, and it was amazingly soothing.  So far, it's lasted...I'm a more mellow version of me. More mellow than I ever have been at this point.

After the massage, I drunk walked to the lab and had some blood work done. Afterwards our IVF coordinator, Jan, took me back for the transfer. My embryologist, Jan and Dr. D's medical assistant all came to see me, and they seemed thrilled for the results we have so far.  Jan, got me ready, and talked me down about having some twinges.  It's funny how you know, and understand, something, but you just need to hear it again.  Susan showed us pictures of the 2 embabies to be transferred.  Here is one...

The darkend area (8 o'clock) is the inner cell mass (aka the baby)

She had told us this morning that she had 7 to freeze, but by this evening, she had frozen 9!!! (Insert applause, hallelujas and screams for joy here...)

Dr. Donesky worked through his lunch so he could come back from K-town and do my embryo transfer himself, this evening.  The transfer went smoothly.  Apparently, the surgery I had in February was a great idea because I barely felt a thing. It was over before I knew it.  Dr. Donesky was pleased saying that's how it's supposed to go.  I had no uterine pain afterwards for the first time in my transfer history. I feel normal.  In fact, I've only had the occasional progesterone twinge, as opposed to the constant irritated uterus sensation I've had in the past.

Anyway, I'm just thrilled with life right now.  I have no home pregnancy tests, and BJ banned them from our house, so I won't know until everyone else knows.  Hopefully, my spirits stay lifted this time, and I don't go into crazy research every symptom on the chat room.  I'm looking forward to just chilling out for a bit.

Peace, Love, and Please Implant!

Mary Katherine

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  1. Oh lady this is all so so so exciting! xoxo