Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fertilization Report

From what I've read, you expect a 50-60% as ideal (Thanks, Cornell).  A California fertility clinic brags about an 80% fertilization rate with intracytoplasmic sperm injection, but that's also the same state that created, grain of salt and such...

Anyway, I was expecting a huge loss in numbers because we had so many.  I mean they just can't have all been in that great of shape?

So with bated breath I kept waiting for an email or text from our embryologist...

And finally, it came...


31 of 33 fertilized normally. That's 94% for those of you into the math.  This means that right now, I have 32 embabies because I have one left from last summer.  This is so unbelievable right now.  We will not have 31 to freeze, some will fizzle out, and that is fine.  In fact, I think I had nightmares about my babies dying except they were toddler age and kept breaking out of the house (through a window) and running like lemmings into our pool.  Even better, they were dressed in blue overalls and a striped shirt like Chucky or My Buddy dolls and were kinda creepy...Hormone-fueled dreams are so much fun! It was awful. Like I would ever let my child wear overalls, or have access to the pool unattended...

I've never really been in this position of things going so well.  I mean my first cycle I was kind of oblivious, but now I know more and stress more.  Our 2nd and 3rd cycles were controlled disasters, but right now I have nothing to be freaking out over.  So mostly I've just tried to get ready for my transfer on Monday, because I'm pretty confident it's going to happen, and Hell, there might even be happy consequences of making sure your toddler can't open a window and drown his/herself in the pool.

Since I have to work this weekend, I've gone ahead and washed our transfer clothes in free and clear detergent.  Odors are hard on embryos so we try to be as odorless as humanly possible.  It's my first day of 2 shots.  So I'll take my second progesterone shot for the day this evening. Tomorrow I get to have three IM shots in the hip because its an estrogen day, too...:( But really I'm just living and waiting in an ever-growing haze of excitement between nursing my sore bum. We should hear more about our embabies progression on Saturday, so I'm looking forward to that.  I think BJ's pleasantly shocked as well.  Like he doesn't really know what to do since he's not busy consoling me, lol.

Peace, Love, and Growing Embabies,

Mary Katherine

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