Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On This Day

On this day, the day after a transfer,  we have always been told, "we have nothing to freeze." 

It is devastating. It's not always but usually a sign that the best one or two that they used, were probably not the best quality, either. In the least, it does nothing to reinvigorate your "two week wait". 

Today, I got a simple text saying "I froze 5 more." 

Shut the front door. In the very least I know that the little embryo inside me is most likely still alive, too! Secondly that's a total of 14 embryos in the freezer. 

Yup! 14 excellent quality AA embryos. I'm a proud freezer mom, if nothing else.

It also means, that if this cycle doesn't work, we try again with an FET. And so on...but we have these 2 plus 14 more beautiful embryos to work with. We're good for a bit!

Peace, Love and Be Ecstatic!

Mary Katherine

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