Sunday, August 17, 2014

Biopsy 2...POSTPONED!!!

Yeah...So apparently I hate endometrial biopsies so much, I will indeed tear my meniscus to get out of it.  Oh, well crap...I don't "officially" know that...the medical center I work at just happens to allow me to look at my lab/imaging results, so I did.  According to the radiologist, I have a torn hamstring, a calf-muscle strain, something about my patellar tendon, and a bucket-handle tear of my meniscus that is displaced in the joint, hence my inability to straighten my leg...So that buys my ticket to the OR.  On the upside, my ACL graft is intact!!! NO RECON FOR ME!!!

So anyway, I was all half-naked, self-medicated, and covered in the opaque tissue paper blanket that was all I had left of my dignity when I told my nurse practitioner, "I don't know what to do."

She is amazing. We had a long discussion on our options. Anesthesia while I'm doing the first part, estrogen priming, is not a problem.  According to one of my expert maternal-fetal medicine acquaintances, I just need to tell the anesthesiologist because all the estrogen could cause me to potentially have a hypotensive episode, and I'll have a little bit bigger chance of developing a blood clot. [Cue "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"!]

They were fine with me potentially doing rehabilitation while pregnant, but they have nixed foreseeably for a while, as in the duration of my pregnancy...Like shut the front door, WHAT? *Sigh* I guess I was fooling myself into thinking as soon as I got pregnant it would be a "normal" pregnancy, but that is not really the case.  For one thing, I am gently reminded, that this embryo is not genetically mine.  So while in a normal pregnancy, a lady's immune system recognizes that, "Yo, at least some of this is my own genetic material."  I will not inherently have that layer of protection, and I don't want to be doing something that could potentially complicate the level of hormones in my system.  Dr. D does not want me participating any activity where I have to tighten my abdominal muscles for more than a few brief seconds...their example was, "It's fine to lean over and lift a bag of groceries." I know...My husband, who keeps me on an extremely long leash, and I decided some things are just not worth the risk.  So as much as I wanted my pregnancy story to include WODs, it's just not gonna happen for me. It's looking more like water aerobics for the elderly and walking with the Emma Grace. But considering where I come from, what I've been through up to this point, the limits to what I'd do for a chance to carry a pregnancy are few and far between.  So as much as I've loved CrossFit, it's just going to have to be placed on the back burner.

So anyway, after all this half-naked but biopsy free discussion, we decided to wait until after I had my follow up with Dr. H (ortho) and potentially had a surgical date before we moved forward.

So tomorrow we move forward one way or the other.  I'm too nervous to be excited at this point. I'm afraid I'm going to kill my baby.  BJ on the other hand said he's ready...which is better than a personal serenade from Jason Mraz.  SERIOUSLY! BJ is the most comforting thing ever.  It's why he's my lobster.  He's my strength when I'm running out, and he's my confidence when I have none.  That's an amazing thing to have.

Peace, Love, and Meniscus for the win (cuz endometrial biopsies suck),

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