Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Respite

My mother came and swept me away to the lake for the last three days...All I had to do was chill and perform my rehabilitative exercises.  I've come back rested, a lot more healed, and able to walk a lot better sans crutches.  HAPPY DAY!

On the fertility side...I've finished my z-pack, sticking to my baby-aspirin regimen, and also up to 3 estrogen patches. I stay on 3 for the next set of three days and will bump up to 4 next Monday.  So far, I really don't feel too differently.  If anything, a little happier.  Honestly, I think my ovaries are kaput on estrogen production.  So it's been a nice change of pace to feel like a younger woman again.  No hot flashes, no bleeding at random times, and actually having a libido again...Yeah...I just confessed that...Getting old ladies, is not fun.  So enjoy your ovaries while they're still functioning.

Honestly, though, this is easier than a ovarian stimulation cycle.  No stress, no every other day appointments, and no worrying about the quality of my embryos.  I already know!  It won't be until I start the progesterone that my craziness will come in.  Unfortunately, progesterone is the hormone that gives you all your pre-menstrual AND early pregnancy symptoms.  In other words mega-confusion...So we shall see how I handle that...and two huge IM injections in my ass everyday...

So, tomorrow, I have more rehab, an appointment with my regular GYN, and then next Thursday I'll have my lining check to make sure I have a fluffy, happy place for a tiny human to live for the next 9.5 months.  Hopefully, I can talk Dr. B into drawing my estrogen level tomorrow, just for a sneak peak to see how things are going...

BJ and I are actually kind of excited about this cycle.  Honestly, I could stay guarded and negative that this will not work, either, but it would not change the amount of devastation I would face when we got our negative results.  So why make myself worried and miserable now?  I'm hopeful, I'm excited, and I'm scared as any newly, about to be pregnant, person might be.  BJ and I joke that we aren't ready for children.

So for now, it seems like the turmoil in my life has come to a pleasant halt.  For now, all I have to do is swallow a couple of pills, stick on a few patches and be merry.

Peace, Love, and be Merry,
Mary Katherine

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