Sunday, August 3, 2014

Well, here's a wrench

Well...this could slightly complicate the embryo transfer.  I was trying to move on, forget about the nagging pelvic pain from last Thursday's little aggravation, and enjoy my happy place...being on the lake.  At first I was like, 'don't wakeboard, your lower tummy is too sore'...but then I couldn't stand being on our new boat and not trying, plus the pain lessened with I rode for a good little while.  It was my third ride, and I hit the wake wrong, tipped the toe-side of my board in too far and was falling face-plant style...I tried to turn to avoid landing on my abdomen in case my ovaries exploded and my foot stayed in the bindings....Unfortunately, my wakeboard flipped in one direction, and I in the other with my foot still strapped in. I heard and felt a nice pop...

What-evs, I'm a two-timer on the ACL recon front, so I was like, "no big deal", I'll be able to walk and can get it fixed maybe in the middle of my "maternity leave" if we are so lucky.  However, when I wanted to get back in the boat, my knee wouldn't straighten... if fact that's my extension in that picture...I couldn't get it in the immobilizer @ ED visit one on Friday evening.  ED visit number 2 on Saturday morning because I was up all night with spasming and feeling like my lower leg was falling off at whatever angle I put it in...I called to ask if there was a weekend ortho clinic anywhere in Knoxville, and they said..."You're gonna have to come back to the Emergency Department." I've never been to the ED twice for the same problem...So embarrassing...anyway, after 2 doses of Dilaudid, zofran, and an IV muscle relaxant they got it "straight enough" to barely fit in the immobilizer. My knee is probably 3 inches from the back of the immobilizer.  I went home on more pain meds, muscle relaxers, and steroids.  I slept in the immobilizer but my knee was cramping up more and more and now I'm stuck at 20 degrees again...

So I was supposed to work this weekend...It's hard to be a nurse with 2 hands...much less no hands because of the crutches...oh, and it hurts quite a bit, so I'm wasting my time-off away, and I'll need days sooner rather than later for an embryo transfer.  This is just, well, typical "Shull" luck for me.  I have enough time off to make it through 2 shifts and then I'm tapped out.  I can't go back to work until I'm cleared by an ortho. That sounds well and good, but I don't hear too many people getting in to see an ortho the day they call.  I'm feeling pretty screwed...I mean I can probably get my short-term disability, but I doubt they will let me have that for an embryo transfer...and I'm in a little deep to stop now...

This just bites...on the upside I have pain killers for my endometrial biopsy!

Peace, Love, and Gimps,
Mary Katherine

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