Thursday, August 14, 2014

Biopsy/Torture Session 1

Ok, so it was not as awful as I remembered...

It did take 3 attempts to make it into my uterus...but whatevs...It ended fast...Oh, and I did load up on all the drugs they gave me for my knee...I mean...being in stirrups with a knee injury is not if it's ever fun...but somehow I've found away to make it even less fun!!!

So I'm still in a bit of a conundrum...As soon as I finished my steroid pack, my knee blew up to the size it was after I tore my ACL...bugger.  I have no idea what I've done, but my ortho's nurse is guessing meniscus. I'm thinking that it's probably going to be surgical...On top of that my meds came today for my transfer...It's a holy mess.  Clearly I don't want to have surgery after my transfer, but I can't walk with my knee stuck at a 20 degree bend, either, and therefore cannot work as a nurse. I'm ready to stop taking birth control and start sticking Estrogen patches all over my body according to Dr. Donesky, but I have no idea if Dr. Holt can squeeze me in, in the next 2 weeks.

Gah...Why?!  Why do I complicate everything????

Sometimes you just gotta role with the knee injuries, I guess...What can you do?

I have to get ready for biopsy numero dos...which means my knee is suddenly hurting again, and I must take that pain pill...oh darn...

Peace, Love, and Crutches suck!

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