Thursday, June 4, 2015

5 Weeks

I made it!!!

So if you go by a 48 hour doubling time for bHCG levels, at 22 days after ovulation my bHCG should have been about 6,600.  Today I found out that I'm at 9,037.  So my embryologist said it looks like a "strong implantation."

I know, my mind is completely blown, too.

I can say I was never certain I would even get to this point.  It's just overwhelming.  I'll be having my first obstetrical ultrasound next week, but I might implode of anxiety/happiness/fear/joy before then.

Again, we are still super early, so anything can happen...but now I know anything includes me getting pregnant.  So if that's all this baby does for me, it's given me a real shot at motherhood.

So @ 5 weeks, I am

Wt.  -7 lbs since the day of my transfer (anxiety I think...)
Craving- see above
Aversions- None
Symptoms- Boobs on fire, dizzy, occasional crampiness, moments of queasiness, insomnia (maybe anxiety-related)
Favorite Thing - Sports bras

Peace, Love, and So Far, So, So Good!

Mary Katherine 

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