Friday, June 26, 2015

8.2 Weeks

OK, I apologize.  I have all these grand plans for after I finish my 12 hour shifts and then I get home, and I just fall asleep eating dinner and end up drooling on my husband's shoulder.

But anyway... Monday I had an US @ 7.5 weeks and it went great. Our little tyke had a heartbeat of 158 and measured at 7.4 weeks.  As long as they are within a few days, and some people think a week, it's not a big deal.  We've been joking that since all the direct contributors to this child's make up are vertically challenged, it sure did not take long for our baby to start falling off the growth chart for height.

Dr. D even did a 3D Ultrasound, and it's kinda like...hmm...I can see an umbilical cord...and maybe an arm bud...but really...the baby looks more like a Picasso painting in 3D at this point.  I love my little Picasso baby.

We go back at 8.5 weeks for our next US. It's still nerve-wracking. I'm blessed to not have a lot of pregnancy symptoms, but the flip side, a little vomiting would make me feel slightly more confident.  It's still difficult to comprehend that I might actually have a child in 31 weeks and some change. So until Dr. D turns that volume up, or I see that gorgeous flicker of a heartbeat, I brace for bad news.  It's a constant reminder of just how grateful I am that I've even gotten the chance to get this far.

Anway @ 8 weeks, I am...

Still down 10 lbs...
Feeling overhwhelmed, like my boobs are full of acid, dizzy in the am,
Averse to Progresso cans...I can't even look at the can without gagging.

Peace, Love, and Doing much!

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