Saturday, June 20, 2015

I'm a little late...

Sorry, I've been working and traveling and sleeping in between!

I had my first scare early last week while I was at work with a bit of pressure in my lower abdomen and some bleeding. Of course because I was at work there was nothing to be done...the life of an RN...I got home put my feet up and BJ brought up some soup for me and next thing I know it was 2:30 in the morning and everything seemed better.

I think I've mostly ended the only sleeping for 3-4 hours streak. I still wake up like a start in the middle of the night but I can usually go back to sleep.

A week ago I got the ok to start working out again, but nothing new. I started doing prenatal yoga, since I've been doing yoga up to my transfer and I'm enjoying it.  The focus is always I love my body [scoff] I love my baby [very true] I trust my body [you've got to be kidding me] I trust my baby [mmm...not sure about that either]. 1/4 isn't too bad, right? Anyway I was feeling really good about things until I started bleeding last week. It tends to put a damper on your spirits real quick. Hands on your abdomen pleading with your baby to please, please stay.

So that wasn't fun, but I'm sure now, with a little separation from the event it was nothing but growing pains and being on baby aspirin. I'll be more sure tomorrow when we see our baby's beating heart again. 

I'm still a Nervous Nelly, but the people who are mom's that I socialize with and know my situation treat me as if I'm actually expecting a child and not a tragedy. That really does help build my confidence back up. I'm just too afraid to let my guard down completely. Still waiting for the shoe to drop.

So @7 weeks (and 4 days) I am...

Craving...tomato head Hummus (or just taking advantage of the situation...not sure)
Averse to Progresso canned chicken and noodle soup...which is tragic because that is my staple lunch when I work. I'll have to figure out something, quick!
Down 10lbs...before I went to New Orleans anyway, ;)
Feeling like my boobs are still on fire, achy hips, indigestion, and dizzy.

Peace, Love, and Anticipation,
Mary Katherine

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