Thursday, June 11, 2015

No Mini-Vans Required

We (as in the baby and I, not BJ, but he was there) had our first ultrasound today, and it was perfect. Despite my near meltdown in the elevator up to the office that our baby was gone.

Our little one (not two or three) measured perfectly at 6.1 weeks, and had a heart rate of 103. They want to see it above 80 at this point, so I have a little rockstar. BJ and I are just in shock.  I came out of the exam room still pretty teary, and scared the poor financial advisor.  Bless their hearts, they are all just overjoyed and rooting for this little one for us.  I've never heard Dr. Donesky be so upbeat.  Good news is just all too difficult to prepare for when you've only been disappointed before.

Today is the first day I feel like I might be someone's mother. I might actually have a baby of my own. I'm just astonished. Scared, of course, but hopeful, too. 

I'm six weeks and one day and that feels pretty legit as opposed to 4-5 weeks. I'm still too scared, excited, anxious and overwhelmed to sleep much, but eventually I'll crash.  Hopefully I'll sleep for 10 hours. It would be amazing!  

So @ 6 weeks I am...

Down 8 lbs since the day of my transfer
Craving (see above)
Aversions (none yet)
Symptoms - dizziness, boobs on fire, achy hips, insomnia and occasional queasiness. 
Favorite thing - texting Amy H. who understands what it's like to be a hopelessly infertile pregnant person driving herself nuts.

Here is a picture of what my dad thinks I should wear this summer.  You can tell he was raised in the 50s.  I'm pretty sure he'll send me away to one of those maternity groups if I disappear, please look for me "up north".

Peace, love, and heartbeats,
Mary Katherine

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  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you! (And if this posts three times, well, I'm that excited!)