Monday, June 29, 2015


I'm in love!!!

We got to see our Pico today. He/she was squirming away...Doing the Carlton I think, with a heart rate of 174!!! Pico waved with his/her little arm bud, too!!! It was the most precious thing. It was almost as cute as Emma Grace as a puppy...

Dr. Donesky was pleased with everything. He said babies that are struggling won't be moving around as much as Pico was moving. That's probably the most affirming thing Dr. D has said to us at this point. My little dancer is just bee-bopping away. BJ and I are just tickled to death. Pico is still a day short measuring at 8.4, but everyone is fine with that. I mean let's face it...height is a losing battle in our family.

I feel so blessed to get to incubate this little miracle. I can't believe I'll be 9 weeks into this on Wednesday. We even got the go ahead to make our first prenatal visit with my regular OB!!!! It's crazy! It's not for a few weeks, but I'm just so thrilled to even get the chance to make a prenatal appointment!!! I seriously thought I'd be begging for a hysterectomy before I'd ever need prenatal visits!!!

I have been reminding myself that everyone who has a baby was at one time 7,8,9,10 weeks pregnant. You have to get through this first trimester to get any further, and that's what I've been doing. So far it seems to help. We're making it day-by-day, pill-by-pill, shot-by-shot. Pico is tough stuff!

Peace, Love and Bee-bopping!
Mary Katherine

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