Sunday, August 7, 2011

On Pins & Needles

I started my injections on Friday, and the side effects have been a bit beastly this weekend. Don't get me wrong, I would do this all year long if that is what it would take to procreate...assuming it didn't kill me first.  It is difficult, though.  These aren't drugs you just pop and move on with your day.  They kinda creep back and catch up with you.

I took my first dose of Follistim on Friday at 7:00am.  I went to work for a full day, and by 5:30 I could barely hold my eyes open.  I stayed awake long enough to give myself my Menopur at 7:00 pm while we were on the road to my parents house, but then I slept until we got there. I dozed on and off the rest of the evening.  It felt like one of those college weekends where you partied a little too hard and slept on an awkward surface.  I was too tired to sleep well, and my bones ached so I couldn't really get comfy.  I guess I had a hangover with none of the fun.  Then there is the Menopur...

Oh, Menopur! How I hate thee.  Let me count the ways.

All the required equipment for Menopur...
 1. You are a pain in the side.  No really you sting like a bee. It's really one thing to work up enough nerve to jab yourself, but, then, for the medicine to burn like beast going in also does not add any delight to the situation. 

2. You are annoying.  I have to mix this stuff and it involves 3 vials and putting the right amount in each vial, letting it sit long enough to dissolve sucking it back out of a vial and putting it in another vial, and then finally injecting myself. 

3. You are a headache.  Every evening I've had one of those nasty little headaches that just circulates my skull.  It's no fun.  I would appreciate it if you'd spend time doing your thing on my ovaries instead of floating around and messing otherwise healthy parts of my body up.  Thank you.

It's going to be a long week I fear, but hopefully will all be worth it very soon.  Tomorrow I go back in to meet with Dr. D.  They will do another ultrasound, more bloodwork, and possibly adjust my doses of medication.  It's kinda funny that I know I'll be having a "surgical procedure" next week, but I still don't know when.  I don't even know for sure when I'll know...makes planning for things the next couple of weeks rather difficult. 

I just hope my ovaries keep doing what they are supposed to do and don't go crazy.  They told me I should expect to feel pretty sore as the follicles grow.  I don't have any of that yet, so I guess I still have a bit to go.  I just can't wait for them to be able to make our babies!

Hoping for bigger follicles tomorrow!

Peace, Love and Spawning! 

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