Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Gaius says, "Trick or Treat!"

Today was my first monitoring appointment of cycle numero dos and the first one where my husband, the super-professional, could not be with me.  It was fine...there isn't much for him to do anyway accept compare my uterus to the DeathStar, which I for one have never found all that amusing.

Any-some-how I bravely had my blood drawn by the new tech since my favorite nurse in the world, Pat, recently broke her wrist a couple of weeks ago while running on a treadmill on her vacation.  (Turns out exercise is bad for you on vacation.)  They put a plate in so she'll be back in business by Wednesday, but I digress.  So in one (YES just 1) stick the tech got my blood.

My ultrasound went well.  My lining is already up to 5.1 (10 is the magic number) so that was right on track.  I have "too many follicles to count" on both ovaries and the biggest one is 9.1mm which is good for only having 3 full days of stims.  The first thing Dr. Donesky said when he started the ultrasound was, "This is a much better stimulation."  I asked him if maybe the Ganirelix protocol (what I used last time) wasn't fit for me. He said, "That's possible. People respond differently to different protocols and last time you had some [follicles] take off and leave the others behind."  I also asked him is we should expect things to go differently, and he said, "Yes.  Remember you've been on Parlodel for cell membrane stabilization and you're stimulating more evenly."  So right now, all my follicles are staying pretty even which is a great thing!  YAY, for something.  I've been dying for Dr. D to say anything like that for 2 months, and FINALLY there is something positive for him to say.  I may not have bad eggs after all!!!!

So my bloodwork came back...

E2 (Estradiol) - 175
P4 (Progesterone) 0.244
LH  0.998

Last cycle...
E2 - 435 which was a little high because some of the follicles got big a little fast...
P4 - 0.266
LH - 1.03

So I'm all excited, again.  Here goes nothing but hope!!!

Oh and belly update...
Boo!  I look kind of diseased...was not near as bad this early last time...but  I'm kinda proud of it!

Peace, Love and a little optimism,

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  1. Sooo glad you're in good spirits and got some great positive feedback today. Makes me so happy to gear that! Miss ya