Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Even keel...

Happy All Saints' Day! (Props especially to Saint Anne the patron saint of childless women!!!)

Today is the day the medication caught up with me. I am absolutely exhausted. All my energy is being diverted to my ovaries which are egg-making machines. They can have it because I want lots of eggs! It's a fair trade-off.

I had acupuncture today, and my acupuncturist emphasized the point of staying calm. He was pleased to hear my body is responding better this time. He said we need to plan ahead for the next several months. When you're over half way through your second year of trying to conceive it's nice to hear people say things like, "prepare your body for pregnancy" and "when you're pregnant." It becomes way easier to think about never becoming pregnant versus when you actually do get pregnant, unfortunately.

I described my anticipation for this cycle to him as being psyched down. Not like down as in depression, but not wild with excitement. I feel optimistic and I'm happy to get to try. I guess I've gotten pretty used to the fertility treatment roller coaster. It has become my norm.

So today's session was focused on restoring energy and staying mellow. This is new concept for me. Again, I just have to take solace in doing what I can and letting go of the anxiety.

Another check-up tomorrow...grow follicles, grow!

Peace, Love and Calm,

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