Saturday, September 13, 2014

Is this a little something?

I think something is happening...good or bad remains to be seen tomorrow, I guess.  I noticed the last couple of days that feeling of irritation or inflammation in my lower abdomen is back.  I really haven't had it since I went off birth control.  So I guess I have enough estrogen in my system now to wake my endometriosis back up...*sigh* It's always something. On a positive note my ovaries were quiet.  Maybe all my estrogen from the last 2 weeks was telling them to, "back the Hell off." So at least I'm not trying to ovulate which could throw us off.

I've been off all my medications for about 6 weeks now. I was thinking I was cured of my IC for the first couple of weeks, but alas, I'm getting up to pee anywhere between 2-5 times at night. Honestly, its not really any worse than it was before I knew I had the problem, so I can't complain too much, and I wake up and my FitBit is already registering 200-300 steps, so...BONUS!

All this in mind, I'm really hoping that my lining looks better tomorrow.  I'm really ready to get going on this.  To think, originally next Friday I should have found out if the transfer worked.  Now I'm just going to be changing my estrogen patches one more time.  I've waited YEARS to become pregnant, so a little more time should not be too much to ask. It just seems like someone is jerking the carrot stick away as soon as it's within reaching distance.

I keep reminding myself of this. It's easy to forget, but a couple of weeks is not near as bad as 4.5 years we've waited. I'll keep taking my vitamins and appreciating the fact that I have this opportunity. I feel confident that I am in good hands medically.  It's just a matter of letting my body get to where it needs to be.  Which expecting it to behave normally is kind of irrational considering the fact that it's the reason we've had to pursue fertility treatments in the first place.

Well, here's hoping that conditions have improved so we can move forward!

Peace, Love, and Estrogen patches, pills and shots; OH MY!

Mary Katherine

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