Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Well, Damn!

[insert string of cursewords here]

So, I was anxious for this appointment, and kinda-sort of prepared for it to not be perfect, but I wasn't ready for my lining to be thinner.  So our NP talked about putting me on different forms of estrogen. After conferring with Dr. Donesky they decided to try the Delestrogen shot. I got it in the office, and I will go back Sunday to see if this has made any difference.

A little later in the day my NP messaged me to tell me my estrogen actually went up to 147, and my progesterone has stayed low enough that this cycle is definitely still a go...just behind schedule.

So the  short of it...our embryo transfer obviously wasn't today, won't be next week, but might be two weeks from now.  In pregnancy terms...I'll be 5 weeks pregnant, but not know if I'm really pregnant until what would be 7 weeks for a normal person.  I'm going to be about 3 weeks behind... We were kind of joking about that in the fertility clinic...If I conceive, I'll be term @ 41 weeks instead of 38 weeks of pregnancy. It's like an elephant pregnancy.

So I guess I'll know more Sunday...I have to get my first refill ever from our fertility pharmacy on my estrogen patches. I'd hoped it would be under happier circumstances...

Peace, Love, & Not Ready to Quit,

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