Friday, September 19, 2014

Progesterone Shot #1

One could reasonably assume that having a nursing degree would mean that this would go easily. But alas, it went rather terribly. After knicking my ass twice, I realized that doing it while staring at myself in the mirror was not going to work for me. I tried propping my booty up on the counter to use the mirror. I learned that I must have enough self-preservation to not stick a 1.5" needle in myself...well, at least not while looking myself in the eye...err...ass...

Yes, I want children, yes I'd do anything for them, but I just had a mental block on jabbing myself tonight. I called in BJ for moral support. I talked him into rubbing my feet for me while I jabbed myself.

And after a couple of 1,2,1,2,1,2,3s and a fit of laughter, I managed to break through my dermis. Unfortunately, it was slowly, so as I sit here I can feel the soreness creep in. I could almost hear the needle tearing through the tissue, YUCK!  

BJ was brave and stayed with me the whole time. He did have to lay down afterwards because not being the one to get a shot is extremely difficult for him, but I love him so much! 

Fortunately with me, I know another nurse or two, so I have some resources. So I put a cute little kit together to take to work

So anyway, only 28 more shots to go!

Peace, Love, and IM shots,

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