Friday, January 8, 2016

36.2...Let the Nesting Begin!!!

I'm still convinced I'm going to go late because that's what my mother did...both times.  So while I haven't quite gotten that nesting rush of energy, this weekend is going to be all about purging and getting ready for Pico to be on the outside...and maybe some last minute shopping, too!  I even installed the car seat base.  I don't know if we'll ever get it out again...but isn't that the point?

It's been a good week.  I am having a little bit more trouble with swelling, so anytime I'm doing something I can sit down and do, I try to actually lay back and get my feet up.  It seems to dissipate, still, but it sure comes back easy.

My almost 36 week appointment went well. Fundus was about 35.5 weeks, so pretty much right on schedule.  Baby is head down and just hanging out until D-Day.  Heart rate was 135.  Everything seems to be in good shape.  I suppose I have experienced lightening (where the baby drops) too, but I don't think it makes a big impact on a 5'1" frame...Dr. Bullen seemed surprised I wasn't contracting more, but I probably am and just don't pay attention because they don't hurt.  After that appointment I tried to count the ones I had overnight and I had about 1 an hour.  I thought I was only having 6-8 a day... so like I said, I don't think I pay a lot of attention to them unless they are intense.  Some of them are getting more intense, but I still wouldn't call them painful.  It's just exciting to be at the point where contractions are good!

Holy cow, I'm talking about contractions.  Thirty weeks ago, I had no idea if this baby and I would make it to the second trimester!  Pico is a tough little one.  I'm so proud to be zyr's mother.  Seriously, kid, there is no pressure on you to do anything but be loved.  What a long way I've come from the 28 y/o who thought she could control everything and wanted to be a Tiger Mom.  All I want for Pico is to let zym thrive and be a happy/content newborn.  From there, we'll learn together and take things as they come.

I was also blessed with another shower hosted by my friends and co-workers.  Seriously, I can't say enough wonderful things about my co-workers.  They make me look forward to coming to work, and I'm going to miss them when I'm on maternity leave!  Oh, and they hosted a great little shower, and I can say Pico will be a happy, splashy baby...and we have stuff to take care of Pico know, like a comb, brush, thermometer, medicine spoons, things to help keep baby alive! So that's awesome.  

My Mom is coming up, we are having the great purge, a growth ultrasound and my first weekly appointment to look forward to this week.  I'm plenty excited for all of the things headed my way!!!

So at 36.2 I am...

...up 2 lbs for a total of +6 lbs, I was up 4 at doc's office but that was also with tree trunk legs and I've peed a half million times since who knows what this week will bring.
...feeling very happy and uncomfortable at the same time.  It's hard to be miserable when the thing that is making you uncomfortable is also a dream come true.  Plus Maalox is a miracle drug.
...craving skim milk.  I'm going to have to purchase a dairy cow, I believe.  
...averse to Panera for suddenly adding French Onion Soup back to their menu.  Where the heck were you when I needed you?  I feel betrayed, but, yet, I'll probably go back...#Ican'tquityou
...In love with pretty much everything.  I'm so blissed out right now.  I don't even care that I have to read 900,000 pps for school next week, not to mention start trying to get ahead...

Peace, Love, and Making Room for Bliss,

Mary Katherine

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