Thursday, January 28, 2016

Double digits!!!

Oh Matt, my squishy little love monster.

I'm still stupid happy.  My baby is 12 days old, now!  He's doing great.  He's up to 6lbs 10oz.  He eats and sleeps like a champ.  Let's his big sister lick his hands and feet, smells amazing, and is so friggin' strong.  He legitimately can roll from front to back to the right side.  He's done it about 5 times, not including the time in the hospital when he had a down hill head start...He's a super easy to please baby.  Just keep him fed.  The only thing he HATES is diaper changes. Those are the absolute worst. They require a lot of screaming to make it through, but I don't blame him.  I like to stay dressed and warm in January, too.  I'm still shocked it's January, and he's already been here for so long!

I'm just so enthralled with him. Everything he does is spectacular...but the moment he's crying and someone hands him to me and snuggles into my neck and stops.  I seriously can't believe those moments are mine.  That I have actually become someone's mother.

We were so seriously close to giving up the summer before last.  In fact, BJ was okay with us being done.  Not that he was against trying again, either...He just hated to see me suffer.  Now neither of us can imagine not having him.  As tired as we are, and no matter how many times we get up at night, or how many diapers we's still just so very amazing.  It's probably every bit as unbelievable to win the lottery...and to us, we literally thought we had better chances of winning the lottery than ever having a child.  It's my child I soothe at night.  It's my literal miracle that I get to hold.  How many people experience miracles?  How many people actually get to hold their miracles in their arms and soothe them?

Peace, Love, & Tangible Miracles,

Mary Katherine & Matt


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