Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm officially free off of bed rest, but I've been advised to keep taking it easy, so I'm back on the couch, enjoying my spic-and-span house courtesy of the best mother-in-law I've ever had, with my husband.  Thank you, Gail!

I'm still trying to not drive myself crazy with operation symptom watch, but what's a desperate-for-pregnancy girl gonna do?  If achy ears are a pregnancy symptom, then I'm there.  My left ear has been hurting for a couple of days.  I'm not totally indigestive (I totally made that word up...) nor am I queasy, but I feel like I'm on the slow train to that land.  This of course is probably due to my sky-high progesterone levels.  My boobs ache occasionally.  My back hurts like crazy which is totally from lying around and doing nothing.

Sum it all up and it looks like I'm just gonna have to do what everyone else does. Keep on hoping, praying and wait it out...sigh...

Peace, Love, and Hoping and Praying!


  1. I got an ear infection in my left ear around the time of my transfer, and I'm pregnant now! So maybe it's good luck!

  2. I read that! And because I'm clearly a masochist I googled it. (It made me feel better that it auto-filled it in once I started typing symptom.) There was nothing scientific, but quite a few saying it happened to them. It was spurred on by fluid retention which totally makes sense. So I will retain my status as "More pregnant than I was a week ago."

  3. Sounds promising... stay on the couch all weekend and let BJ take care of you and Emma Grace!!! I happy to hear the news tho.. will continue to follow!