Monday, November 7, 2011


So today's results are in, and I'm very happy to tell you that all is well! My ovaries are now closer to softball size and my skinny jeans are a bit uncomfortable to wear. However, I have a huge amount of nearly mature follicles to give another days worth of stimulation medication too.

My labs were great! My estradiol was 3269, progesterone .881, and my LH was 1.46. I don't have any other labs to compare to today, because I didn't get this far last time.

My acupuncturist is thrilled.  So thrilled he let me have my cell phone during my treatment because I was so balanced...but then he took it away because I couldn't behave.

On pins and needles...
I learned a lot at acupuncture today.  My former acupuncturist practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine.  My current practitioner uses 5 elements acupuncture.  I learned that my speech style is groaning (What the hell?), I'm deep and I'm blue which makes my main element Water.  Water types enjoy salty foods, and their main emotion is fear.  We can be soft like a dew drop or violent like a tsunami...I don't really understand, but I do feel better after I go, and my acupuncturist says I am doing better and I'm more balanced.  That's all I need to know...

I'm excited to see what my embryos do this time.  It's a balance of knowing what the worst is, and giving it a go, anyway.  I'm cautiously optimistic that things will go better this time.  So here's to not triggering (the act of injecting yourself with HCG to fully mature the eggs).  I will probably get to trigger tomorrow.

I am ready to be able to make plans for the future, again.  Today, for instance, I went in at 10:00am and was told at 3:00pm that I had an appointment at 9:00am the next morning.  This is not much notice for my boss, but I'm very blessed that he is extremely understanding and supportive of the process.  I wonder how women with less flexibility go through this?  I also can't tell my own mother-in-law when I'll be having surgery.  Today, I could tell her that it won't be Wednesday, but could be Thursday.  Yesterday I told her it wouldn't be Tuesday.  It's hard to plan for dog-sitters, MK-sitters and the like. Eh...minor details.  It will work itself out...

Bottom line is I'm happy.  I'm not scared, yet. I'm not anxious.  I'm just here and very grateful that things have worked out so well this far.

Peace, Love, and Another Day of Growth,

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