Sunday, November 6, 2011


So yesterday's results are in. I have 13 measurable follicles on my right ovary and several more that weren't worth measuring. I have 7 on my left that are all about 15mm. 18-22 is the goal for maturity.

I'm happy to report that all my anxiety over my hormone levels was for nothing...

Last cycle my numbers on day 10 were:
E2 - 3063
LH- .998
P4- .251

This time they are:
E2 - 2462
LH - 1.47
P4 - .610
And my follicles are growing more evenly.

Now, I'm waiting for today's bloodwork. My follicles are about at that 17 mark which means they would definitely be 18-22 in the next couple of days. Dr. Donesky said things were "looking good" today.

I'm not near as uncomfortable as I was at this point in the last cycle. I am aware of my ovaries, which is strange, but not painful. I'm definitely going for acupuncture tonight! I want to be in a good place mentally. I can't believe we've almost made it to this point, again!

Now I'm just tapping my fingers and waiting for a phone call from Jan. Ahhhh!!!

Peace, love, and a little anticipation,


  1. We're praying too!
    W & M

  2. Praying for you & BJ! This is exciting news! :)