Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Silver Lining

Maybe this is how it was supposed to happen the whole time.  I don't know. But I think Dr. Donesky, Dr. Bullen, and I can move myself out of the unknown infertility category once and for all.

I whined about my gross problems previously. Dr. D suggested I take the placebo pills in my birth control pack to see what happens, and I was not supposed to start my Estrace (estradiol) until Monday. I got to go a whole day with no hormones, and I just started having hot flashes.  Basically all this means is that my ovaries are in early retirement.  Good for them...

I do have to take Estrace now and for however long until we are ready to try a transfer if we get some good embryos.  Staying on estradiol while you are young enough to still have working parts can have some nasty consequences, but that's currently not the plan, and again, I'm already a high risk for nastiness because of my infertility. So it's a double edged sword.  I just know now that it's not if I get a hysterectomy it's more like when...and I probably ought to reconsider the whole 4 years apart thing...but we'll see.

But the good news is, I'm doing everything right.  This gives me a working diagnosis of primary ovarian insufficiency.  Only about 5% of women with this are able to achieve pregnancy and we have it on good authority that I'm not one of those :).

BUT with egg donation, 90% are able to achieve pregnancy in three attempts.  That's pretty fantastic in medical statistics.  So it's a relief to me that I finally have some closure, and we know we are doing the right thing.  We have made the right decisions and headed down a known and proven successful pathway for my diagnosis.

On that note my donor is doing great.  More follicles keep coming and catching up. We are at Duggar numbers and counting, baby.  She is growing a little slow, but she was really suppressed so my Dr. was not surprised. She may need to stimulate a couple days more than 10 but that's fine.  She's tolerating everything so well!

Peace, Love, and Estradiol,


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