Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wow, Wow, Wow, Alright!

Day 3

This was the day that we pretty much always knew we were fighting the tide when it was my eggs. With my biological eggs our embryologist would start her reports with, "Well...that was her stalling via email.  Then she would tell us they were behind and fragmented.

Today however, we learned that three of ours were on schedule with one being at 6 cells and already compacting, 2 at 8 cells and already compacting.  The 4th at 4 cells, a little behind the others, but since they were fertilized in the evening and she looked in the morning it was still in the "not to be given up on zone".

Compacting to BJ and I is the opposite of fragmenting.  It's the most beautiful word we've heard to ever describe our embryos.  I'm just over the moon.

It's not Friday yet, so we can't rest on our laurels just yet.  I will be more relieved when we get the word that we actually have them in the freezer.  I must say many times I have been overcome with likes on Facebook, messages, comments, and texts.  It fills my heart to know this many people are rooting for our little embies and for us.  So thank you for that so much!

Peace, Love, and Grow babies, grow!

Mary Katherine

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